*NEW* DIY Multiplex Plywood CNC Router

Bigger, better, faster, fancier. ;-)

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This project describes how I built the second, bigger, better CNC router using the first one.
The new working area is 1300mm x 650mm x 200mm

  • working area 1300 x 650 x 200 mm (x/y/z)
  • 1050W Kress spindle
  • 4,2A NEMA 23 stepper
  • ball screws
  • supported rails
  • completely build from 15mm birch plywood

  • 4 × Nema 23 stepper motors (4,2A) 57HS112
  • 4 × Leadshine DM556 stepper driver
  • 1 × Lapp cable
  • 2 × 350W 36V power supply
  • 2 × Supported rail 12 x 300mm

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Tom wrote 01/24/2024 at 18:00 point

Moin aus Schleswig Holstein

Sehr schönes Projekt!

Wo hast Du denn deine Materialien gekauft?

Und wie genau hast du die Steuerung gemacht?

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emixaroa wrote 08/26/2021 at 06:37 point

This is looking very useful router specially for me because I am working on a new student removals project that Is just struggling with the current router connection.

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Antoan wrote 03/12/2019 at 12:12 point

Hello, nice project :) I want to ask you some questions about using plywood for machine frame. Are you satisfied with it? Any issues with it? I want to build similar CNC with 1000x700x400 square rails. Would you recommend ply or maybe thicker ply? Any recommendations regarding build? Should I rather invest in some aluminum profiles?

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Dan Maloney wrote 01/28/2019 at 16:18 point

Great looking build!

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agp.cooper wrote 01/28/2019 at 02:05 point

Thanks for sharing. Great job.

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