About the GA144:

The GA144 is an ultra-low-powered multi-computer chip. It is built from 144 asynchronous self-contained F18a computers arranged in an 8x18 grid, with each node communicating its to adjacent nodes. The F18a nodes are 18-bit ~700MIPS stack machines and are extremely minimal - 64 words of RAM, 64 words of ROM, 32 instructions (up to 4 per word), 10 word hardware data stack and 9 word return stack.

To program the GA144 each of the nodes are programmed individually, because of the memory constraints most programs must be decomposed into smaller inter-operating programs and laid out across the GA144 nodes. The GA144 architecture gives rise to a new programming paradigm, one that has been little explored and never fully realized. This is a rich field for exploration and discovery!

One of the distinguishing features of the GA144 is its asynchronous design. This means the circuits are completely, and truly, unclocked - the only commercially available computer of it's kind.

There are many benefits that result from such a simple and asynchronous computer, for example:
 - Each operation consumes as little as 7pJ!
 - Each node consumes only 4mA when running full speed near ~700MIPS!
 - The time and energy to suspend and resume is negligible!
 - When suspended each node consumes uses only leakage current (~100nW)!
 - Up to 96 billion operations per second!
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