Project still alive

A project log for Landbeest walking robot

Terrain-going quadruped. 3D printable. Two servo drive.

Dejan RisticDejan Ristic 11/30/2019 at 18:540 Comments

Very little progress with the project for the last few months. Have some ideas on how to improve on the last prototype, but been too busy with work to finalize a new design.

I've kept on noodling around in Tinkecad. But as the model has gotten more complex I've concluded that Tinkercad isn't the right tool for the job anymore. When I want to change one aspect of the model, several other parts are affected and it cascades into hours of labour.

Since I'm planning to make a major overhaul of the design anyway, I've decided to remake the model from scratch, this time using OpenSCAD. 

There will be an initial time investment in doing so. But ultimately it will be easier to try out different design ideas using parametric CAD modeling. The idea is to only need adjusting som key parameters, and all the dependent measurements will get adjusted automatically. Well that's the plan anyway.

Just a short post for now. Project is still alive. Expecting to get the OpenSCAD model done some time in January.