Interactive Door using Makey Makey

Holding the handle of the door and giving it a high five, lights up the word "HI" formed by LED strips

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This is something we did at LearnOBots (where I work) for fun.
I used the output signal of Makey Makey to generate a signal whenever anyone completes the circuit by holding the metallic door handle and placing the hand on the aluminum foil cut out in the shape of a hand to light up the LED strip.
Pretty simple, right?
  • 1 × Makey Makey
  • 1 × L298 Motor Controller Board
  • 1 × Battery Evaluation, Demonstration Kits, Boards and Modules / Evaluation Kits, Boards and Modules
  • 1 × LED Strip
  • 1 × Aluminum Foil

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Qurat Ul Ain Naqvi wrote 5 days ago point

Aw thanks.
Actually it is easier on a desk to keep Makey Makey connected to a PC, for a door I know how difficult it is to keep it connected to a computer.

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Dan Maloney wrote 01/31/2019 at 15:39 point

"Speak Friend, and Enter!"

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Qurat Ul Ain Naqvi wrote 5 days ago point

Hahah more like "tap friend and enter!"

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Selina Zawacki wrote 01/30/2019 at 16:38 point

Cool! I often see Makey Makey projects on the desk - it's nice to see how you've incorporated it somewhere else in the space.

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