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Bringing the power of the Movidius Myriad X to Raspberry Pi (and your design!)

BrandonBrandon 08/19/2019 at 23:150 Comments

Hi everyone!

So we've been continuing to 'churn the butter' on the Myriad X + i.MX 8M module we're making.  Think of this as like the 'pro' version of DepthAI for Raspberry Pi.  It has all the power of the Myriad X and the convenient (Ubuntu-18.04) Linux Support of the low-power i.MX 8M.  (Speaking of low power, check out all it can do, here, at incredibly-low DC power use; all 4 cores maxed w/ Dhrystone is 1.5W - so low!).

Anyways, here's some more Altium-fodder on the layout.  It's starting to look clean, although we still have a long ways to go:

So you can see a lot of the differential routing nearing completion, which is a bit of the slower, more tedious effort:

And the interface to the main board is over 3x 100-pin connectors (DF40C-100DP-0.4V), which are really nice and popular for this sort of thing:

On those connectors... we've discovered, after having selected them, that they're used on everything!  They're even on the Google Coral SoM (here), the gyrfalcon SoM (here), and a bunch of NXP i.MX series SoMs.  One of the NXP dev boards even uses them.

And it's also the same connector we're using on the Myriad X SoM we've made (and which arrives tomorrow!).



The Luxonis Team