Myriad X Modules Shipped!

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BrandonBrandon 08/19/2019 at 23:300 Comments

Hi again!

So our first Myriad X modules _finally_ shipped!  So we're expecting to have these in-hand tomorrow, Tuesday August 20th.

So back-story on these is that we ordered them on June 26th w/ 3-week turn from MacroFab (who we really like, and have used a lot), and the order was unlucky enough to fall in w/ 2 other orders that were subject to a bug in MacroFab's automation (which is super-impressive, by the way).

So what was the bug?  (You may ask!)

Well, their front-end and part of the backend were successfully initializing all the correct actions (e.g. components order, bare PCB order, scheduling of assembly) at the correct times.  However, the second half of the backend was apparently piping these commands straight to dev/null, meaning that despite the system showing and thinking that all the right things were being done, nothing was actually happening.

So on July 15th, when the order was supposed to ship, and despite our every-2-day prodding up until then, it was finally discovered that the automation had done nothing, at all.  So then this was debugged, the actual status was discovered, and the boards were actually started around July 22nd.

Fast-forward to now, and this 3-week order is now a 8-week order - which should arrive tomorrow!

Unfortunately, the only photo we got of the units, was one from a confirmation that the JTAG connector was populated in the right orientation (and it was), so here's a reminder of what the module looks like, rendering in Altium:

And for good measure, the only photo we have of the boards so far, which is of the JTAG connector:

So hopefully tomorrow we'll have working modules!  And either way we'll have photos to share.


The Luxonis Team