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Spatial AI Meets Embedded Systems

BrandonBrandon 11/22/2019 at 23:230 Comments

Hey Guys,

So one piece of feedback we've gotten a ton of is 'That whole Depth + AI thing is great, and we're going to use it on several efforts... but, do you have a small single-camera version for AI only without depth?'

So, we're making it.  And we're making it small:

So it looks like we're finish the simplified single camera design today (heavily leveraging our existing module) and likely get it ordered tomorrow.  So this means we'll have it in-hand and ready to go probably mid December.

^ The gray box is the color camera (we haven't bothered to take the time to make a model of it).  

And the pink part is the thermal interface material (TIM) which connects the Myriad X to the heatsink.  It's the tallest part on the back, intentionally, to make it so this can be mounted easily to existing hardware and heat-sink to it.

To put a scale to this, it's approximately the same dimensions as this (the unit above is 44mm x 30mm, and the module below is 40mm x 30mm):
image.pngAnd if anyone is interest in this, we do have an initial version that our intern made, which is a two-board solution (which is much larger... hey, it's an intern project!) but is a working system:


Brandon and the Luxonis Team!