PCB Assembly 50% Done

A project log for Luxonis DepthAI

Spatial AI Meets Embedded Systems

BrandonBrandon 01/03/2020 at 18:230 Comments

Hi DepthAI fans!

So the following PCBAs just finished soldered assembly (final assembly is still to be done):
 - DepthAI: USB3 Edition
 - DepthAI: System on Module
 - 4K, 60 Hz Video Modular Color Camera
 Below are some pictures of the assembled/soldered boards and them shipping out to the US.
 **DepthAI: USB3 Edition**

 **DepthAI: System on Module*

 **4K, 60 Hz Video Modular Color Camera**

 The following DepthAI variants are undergoing soldered assembly now, with the goal to finish before Chinese New Year starts.
 - DepthAI: RPi Compute Module Edition
 - DepthAI: RPi HAT Edition
 - 720p, 120 Hz Global Shutter Modular Stereo Camera Pair
So this year Chinese New Year is January 18th through February 2nd, where most companies will be offline.  The remainder
will be offline January 11th through the February 2nd.  

So our strategy on fulfillment is (and has been) to conclude all the China-involved production prior to January 11th, doing the remainder of the full-system assembly and test in the United States while China is offline to hit our target of DepthAI CrowdSupply shipments by February 14th (to show our love!).  

It looks like we're still on schedule to hit this, but it going to be close!

We'll keep everyone updated.  

Brandon and the Luxonis Team