MVP Complete, Crowd Supply Shipping

A project log for Luxonis DepthAI

Spatial AI Meets Embedded Systems

BrandonBrandon 02/14/2020 at 16:400 Comments

Hi all,

So 1/2 of the Crowd Supply orders shipped to customers yesterday.  And the other half are shipping out today.  

So guess what?  Our planned shipped date was... drum roll please, February 14th (today)!

And we have our MVP running:

So what is this showing?  The dawn of 'spatial AI'.  Where now your embedded system can know what objects are, and where they are in physical space, in real time.  

It's a capability that straight-up didn't exist at all prior to 2016, even on mainframes.  And even recently, thinking you could do this on an embedded system would be considered science fiction.

Now you can have this capability, for your product, with this little module:

And big thanks to the Crowd Supply team for getting these all shipped out on time (and early)!


Brandon & the Luxonis team.