Crowd Supply Shipments Received and Community Slack

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Spatial AI Meets Embedded Systems

BrandonBrandon 03/02/2020 at 18:590 Comments

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share the the Crowd Supply shipments have been received, and our fans are up and running with the hardware, with much exciting activity and discussion in our Community Slack channel.

To join, go to our docs page: and scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Slack Community' to join.

We also have a couple new hardware models for sale, and a PoE variant of DepthAI in progress.

First, the two new models since the Crowd Supply campaign (these will be on the campaign soon):

1. BW1098OBC - USB3, Onboard cameras:

2. BW1093 Single camera variant, USB3C.  We're calling this uAI (pronounced 'micro AI').

You can buy initial versions of these here:

Note that the BW1093 has a temporary heatsink on these units, as the Coronavirus is preventing the CM from being able to make the final version.  So it's just a stick-on one for now, similar to what the Raspberry Pi stick-on heatsinks look like:

And for the new board we're working on:

We got requests to be able to deploy DepthAI quite far from any host computer.  And to be able to deploy as many as people want.  Boom, enter PoE.  Now you can deploy DepthAI at up to 328.1 feet (100 meters, for those who have 1m = 3.281 feet memorized, like I do, strangely).

Below are the renderings of this Myriad X power over Ethernet Design.  This is more or less our initial test design.  Other variants will come after this is validated and proves out all the EE pieces.  

Our plan is to make an ROS module so that when plugged into the network ROS will auto-discover it and it can be used right away.



Brandon and the Luxonis team!