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A project log for Trash light

Using throwaway materials and electronics, create a custom mood light that emphasizes recycling/upcycling

j0z0r pwn4tr0nj0z0r pwn4tr0n 06/29/2014 at 13:530 Comments

Check out my "2 minute introduction" video for my latest progress. I have one shift register rigged up just for testing purposes, and it is running a binary counter. The code is almost identical to the ShiftOut tutorial posted on, so I feel like it would be plagarism to post it. Once I start work on the actual project, I will keep the github updated with the latest operationg code. Also I decided to enter this into the Hackaday Prize. I don't think it's changing the future of open hardware/software, but it will be well documented and it is something you can use to connect to people who have no idea what bits and bytes and code are all about