The I/O board is working now!

A project log for 6502 retro computer

Retro computer utilizing classic MOS6502 microprocessor.

marek-wicekMarek Więcek 10/03/2019 at 07:420 Comments

Recently I had some free time to work on I/O board for my 6502 computer. It is complete now. I consists R65C51P2 UART controller, 8242 AT keyboard controller, MC6840 timer, M6245B RTC and 8255 GPIO chip (some of its pins are wired to form Commodore IEC port). Project also provides possibility of using CF card, but connector has not been soldered yet.

At this point the computer works. It uses serial terminal and EhBasic. Now I need to add routines to support other peripherals.

What's next? CRT controller, probably with TMS9929A chip.