Original EtherGeiger was one of my first  "serious"projects I've developed after learning microcontroller programming and PCB design. Few years passed, I gained some knowledge and experience. :Looking back at all the design choices and mistakes I realized that now I would build it differently. So I decided to do so.

Basically it is still the same device - sensor of ionizing background radiation that is connected to the local network by an Ethernet cable. It is also able to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. This time however I replaced set of DHT22 and BMP85 sensors with single one: BME280. Data could not only be accessed by network, but also is stored locally on USB Flash Disk or built-in SPI Flash (alternatively, when USB disk is not detected). Configuration process in much simpler now, thanks to simple web based interface.

Adding all those extra features was possible due to 32bit PIC32MX270F256B microcontroller. Ethernet interface is still based on popular ENC28J60 chip. but small tuxgraphics TCP/IP stack was replaced with powerful one, provided by Microchip. a part of MLA set of libraries.

I added an additional board with LCD display, showing current measurements.

This is the final version of the EtherGeiger I suppose... If I ever revise this project once again, it will be probably WiFi based.