Updates and Changes

A project log for RC AVR Car with 433MHz Modules

Designing a system where multiple cars can be controlled by keyboard via 433 MHz modules and AVR microcontrollers

Alvi AhmedAlvi Ahmed 11/15/2020 at 19:080 Comments

Multiple changes have been made since I last worked on this project.

Microcontroller change

   I changed the microcontroller of choice from Attiny85 to
   Atmega328p due to its larger number of I/O. 

Transmission protocol change

   I chose to use USART for this project. After some research I
   realized that the 433 MHz modules are not reliable enough to send a
   simple data stream such as varying duty cycles. 

   For more reliable data transmission it was essential not only to the
   use USART but also to send multiple bytes via USART to ensure proper
   transmission of data. 

Using cheap DIY car kits 

   Also I decided to invest in cheap car kits that can be assembled
   instead of trying to make everything out of cardboard.   

Changing method of input 

   While working with the push buttons I soon realized that they are
   unreliable. I even soldered a "button board" together and have still
   found that the push buttons give false positives or get
   stuck or break easily. Therefore I decided to change the method of input to a
   computer keyboard and send various commands through serial.