A project log for RC AVR Car with 433MHz Modules

Designing a system where multiple cars can be controlled by keyboard via 433 MHz modules and AVR microcontrollers

Alvi AhmedAlvi Ahmed 11/15/2020 at 19:170 Comments

                                                        Image of the TX schematic 

  For the TX schematic the main power source is 5V coming from USB via
  the FTDI232 board.  

                                                              Image of the RX schematic       

  For the RX I have included 9V to 5V converter, I have also included a
  separate 9V for the L298N motor controller.   

  Ideally I would use lithium ion batteries,
  however I would need many more components and features such as battery
  protection and battery charging. Since I didn't have those components
  on hand and didn't want to risk directly connecting lithium ion
  batteries without protection I opted to use the standard 9V batteries
  instead. Simpler and cheaper at the time of making this circuit. 

  Eventually, I will modify my schematic to include the usage of lithium
  ion batteries, especially if I decide to control larger RC cars.