Soldering and Assembly

A project log for RC AVR Car with 433MHz Modules

Designing a system where multiple cars can be controlled by keyboard via 433 MHz modules and AVR microcontrollers

Alvi AhmedAlvi Ahmed 11/15/2020 at 19:220 Comments

Soldered Boards 

                                        Image of TX board soldered and assembled 

                                         Image of RX boards soldered and assembled

  I am planning to add switches to these boards later on however at the time
  I didn't have any, therefore the only way to turn them on and off was
  to connect/disconnect the battery.  In the case of the TX it is
  powered by plugging in the FTDI232 module.

  For the TX board, I decided to use indicator leds for the states and the
  commands for debugging purposes.  

Attaching and connecting components on the car 

                                                  Image of RX boards on the cars 

                                            Image of RX boards on the car at different angle

 As seen in the pictures above, the solder RX boards  attached to the chassis of
 with electrical tape, the 2 9V batteries are taped to together and secured at
 the front of the car. 

 The input pins of the L298N are seen attached to the female pins of the RX
 board. The white wires are where the positive of the 9V supply are attached.