Testing the Cars

A project log for RC AVR Car with 433MHz Modules

Designing a system where multiple cars can be controlled by keyboard via 433 MHz modules and AVR microcontrollers

Alvi AhmedAlvi Ahmed 11/15/2020 at 19:280 Comments


   As can be seen from the demo above the cars can travel quite a bit of distance
   for small antennas. If I wanted to increase the distance, making the antennas
   longer and supplying the transmitter with 12V would do the trick.  

   The reason why the cars sometimes veer to 1 side is due to the cart wheel at the
   front. An ideal substitute to the cart wheel would be ball casters, however
   since I didn't have any at the time and the cart wheels came with the kit, I
   decided to stick with them. 

   It is also noticeable how many times I over steer the cars, this is
   due to a lack of speed of control. Since I am not using a joy stick
   or an analog / pressure sensitive keyboard, I am not able to control
   the speed therefore the car goes full speed in 1 way or the other at
   the push of a button, I may fix this my implementing a joystick
   controller of some sort.