Future Plans

A project log for RC AVR Car with 433MHz Modules

Designing a system where multiple cars can be controlled by keyboard via 433 MHz modules and AVR microcontrollers

Alvi AhmedAlvi Ahmed 11/15/2020 at 19:310 Comments

  One plan I have is to implement some type of speed control. As can be seen for the demos,     there is no speed control for the RC cars.  

  I would like to try to implement some type of incremental
  speed control in the future, however it will have to be done by
  joystick since I don't have any keyboards that are analog or pressure

  I am planning making separate RC car projects that use different
  wireless communications protocols such as Bluetooth and WiFi.    

  These other protocols may make it easier and simpler to control both cars 

   at the same time as well.   

  For the python script I want to create a GUI and clean up the output

  of the script.  

  I also want to eventually work up to controlling an RC car via a web
  or mobile application.