Nearing the final leg of this adventure

A project log for esp8266 Futuristic Hex Wall

A series of 3d printed hexagonal panels outfitted with a number of 24-bit neopixel LEDs provide the backdrop to my invention room.

Josh ColeJosh Cole 03/17/2019 at 18:260 Comments

Hey all! I've been busily printing printing printing over these past few weeks. With nearly 80 hexagons completed, I have decided to adjust the scope of my final goal. Originally I envisioned a whole entire wall made out of these things - but with some triple checked napkin math, I realized I would need to produce 500 units... Which will take many months of additional time. That being said, the more hexagons I acquire, the more I'm convinced an entire wall will just look gaudy.

Imagine instead a wall with these hexagons arbitrarily linked together to form either some meaningful shape (like the representation of a chemical compound) or just scattered about in a visually appealing way. After arranging a number of the hexagons together, I started toying with possible patterns beyond just "a solid wall". I'm really liking this direction and it also means that I can start finishing up this project sooner. Here's an example of what a random distribution could look like.

Once i wrap up the additional 36 hexagons that I've got in the queue, I will be finalizing the shape and then putting it all together!

More updates to come soon.