mini robot ludic 'simple and robust'

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ludObot is an attempt to make a ludic mini robot the most simple and 'safe' for chidren; and child resistant!

After made a little arm robot on a RC vehicle, my little daugher destroyed the servos in less than 5 minutes :-(

I thought of a solution to avoid this and I try to add a belt-type elastic element between the servo and the actuator: it seems to work pretty well but I have not yet test in 'real conditions'.
I also experimented a kind of 'rocker' to simplify the mechanics (no complex joints).

I will try to make at least two RC units to be able to play robot-football with a ping pong ball but we can imagine many applications...


2x geared DC motors

2x micro Servos type SG90

1 elastic (minimum length 20mm)

2x rubber rings (wheels)

3D printed parts: frame, wheels, rocker, pulleys, geared pliers

electronics: your choice

last but not least: a lot of patience!

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