6. Fast Turnaround

A project log for How to Hack a Table Lamp?

This project is about hacking a Table Lamp to extend or disable the integrated Auto-Shutoff.

stefan-xpStefan-Xp 02/22/2019 at 17:170 Comments

I ordered the PCBs via JLC PCB on 2019-02-15. They might have been delivered yesterday - but unfortunately, I wasn't at home...

Next Time I have to pay attention to not order more than 22€ ... so that in Germany there will be no taxes. And also need to pay attention, that the DHL Express doesn't take care of customs. Please note this if you consider to order 😉

Regarding the prices:

10 pcs   = €1.78

+ Shipping Charge: €16.14

+ Customs €22,51

I also ordered some more Stuff at the LCSC.COM and an other PCB. If you balance your Order a bit better, I think it is a great resource for custom pcbs.

At the purple Company 9 pcs = $14,40 with free shipping. Considering the “Shipping Charge” and Taxes It is not a big gap.

Just as promised i finally received the PCBs.