Stability Issues, Raspi 0 Disappointment

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Jakob KilianJakob Kilian 05/06/2019 at 08:392 Comments

This is a short update of my project.
End of this week I will have a short meeting / testing with a big german research organization – therefore I am working again on stability issues.
The "royale" library from PMDtec crashes after some time so I build a mechanism that checks the activity of the library and reinitializes it after inactivity. Restart now also happens, when camera gets detached accidentally – the whole starting procedure furthermore just takes about 5 seconds now...
Currently I am building a interface for android phones to check the status of the program. It is getting better and hopefully I am able to finally upload the code after this session. 

Furthermore I tested the Raspi Zero W with my Code. Didn't know that it is just a ARMv6 processor, so it didn't work due to NEON commands off the "royale" library. Still looking for an powerful alternative smaller to RPi 3b+ to save energy and size. Thinking about ODROID C0 but it doesn't seem to be a widely used board... 


Daren Schwenke wrote 05/06/2019 at 12:48 point

There is this:

Hope you have a good power budget.  :)  For the power it draws though, it will outperform anything else out there by an order of magnitude for OpenCV tasks.

They are also backordered.  I ordered mine about 3 weeks back, and mine should arrive in the next week.

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Jakob Kilian wrote 05/10/2019 at 08:04 point

Nice, thanks a lot. Looks like a reaaaally powerful board!But actually I would like to go smaller than the Rpi3b+ , but with more or less same power. I don't need Ethernet, HDMI or USB sockets so I thought I could go a little bit smaller. Haha, and budget is not there right now...

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