Debug App (via UDP - Wifi) and Fraunhofer Institute

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Jakob KilianJakob Kilian 05/15/2019 at 10:180 Comments

For a testing Session at the Fraunhofer Society I developed my code further and implemented the possibility to check all the values of the raspi/glove in real time. 

After some struggles with a UDP library for C++ (boost –> asio) I managed to get a relatively stable connection to my Android App (written in Processing) over a Wifi hotspot opened by the very same phone. This was an important step to me, as I now could monitor the status and the values of the app, see possible crashes of the royale library and also see the visual "perspective" the glove-user actually "sees". The app is in German right now, but will be english in future...

With this stuff I went to Berlin to the Open Communication Systems – FOKUS research Institute of the Fraunhofer Society (budgetwise the biggest organization for applied research in Europe). There I met Jonas Willaredt (project manager of an indoor-navigation research project) and had the chance to firstly talk about my concept and its progress and secondly to test my prototype with an experienced tester of inclusive media – Stephan Heinke, who is blind himself. Eventhough it turned out (once again) that the device is not jet on level of development to be a useful navigation aid for blind people, the test and the conversation still led to a lot of productive feedback for me. Hopefully this won't be our last meeting, as the institute can in principle imagine to support the project in an adequate form.