August 2020 - Just a Short Update

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Spatio-Visual to Haptic Sensory Substitution Device for Blind People

jakob-kilianJakob Kilian 08/17/2020 at 14:391 Comment

Hi everybody!

I just had the feeling, it is time for a new update on my project so that there is at least a post every few months. Because: the project is still running and I spend 1-2 days a week to push it further. Unfortunately there is not so much to show these days, as I am eagerly writing code on a complexity level way above my knowledge and skill set... 

The main issue over the last weeks was to make the code more efficient (to save processing cycles and ultimately heat and battery usage...) and to let the calculations run concurrently. I therefore hat to rebuild and rewrite wide parts of my code which ended in quite a mess sometimes. However, I am nearly done now and I promise to push commits more frequently when the structure once has an acceptable form...

Just some benchmark data:
The whole processing of a depth frame now only takes about 3ms.
The process of writing the values to the motor drivers takes about 5ms. 
I can now easily reach the full 45fps on a Rpi4 OR let the cpu sleep for about 80% of the time if I use 25fps...
The total latency is now at ~30ms – perfect for multisensory integration.

I will keep you updated!

stay save and healthy...


Jason Cho wrote 09/06/2020 at 00:22 point

Appreciate the update :)

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