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kvtoetkvtoet 02/09/2019 at 11:380 Comments

Creating cheaper and better AR glasses frames

The AR frames I'm using at the moment are these from Aliexpress. There are a number of downsides to these glasses:

- The place where the camera is mounted is at the wrong angle. A small bracket correcting the angle needs to be placed on top so that the camera has better overlap with the screen FOV.

- The glasses do not rest on the nose. This is a missed opportunity, as this would allow the glasses to be mounted much more easily. Right now finding the sweet spot is a hassle to new users. Also resting the glasses on the nose allows the weight to be distributed better. 

- The glasses are quite bulky. 

- The price is dropping but could be cheaper.

- The glasses are sensitive to head shaking, because there is no nose rest and the strap is thin.

I've been thinking about building my own glasses in low quantity. My current idea is to:

- laser cut the frame, and aim for a more VR glasses design.

    - the glasses rest on the nose, and a wide strap for the head is used so that head shaking is not a problem.

    - this would be cheap to about $5 per frame

- for the lenses it's trickier. I'm currently contacting Chinese vacuum forming services to quote prices, but I predict this might still be pricey in low quantities. I'm thinking about trying to use a dental vacuum form device to manufacture small lenses, although these would be missing the coating, which would lessen stray light. This would come at $1 per lens/eye, so $2 total, and no costs in setup.