First concept model

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Augmented Reality glasses using modified lowcost Android phones

kvtoetkvtoet 02/18/2019 at 11:530 Comments

A little update; currently working on the BOM and for that I needed to build a 3D model to estimate costs for the glasses frame.

My plan is to go for a more VR goggle style design. They are easy to manufacture and have proven their ergonomic comfort to be reliable. The current glasses I use now miss the nose bridge and tend to slide down.

This is a rough sketch of the design I'm aiming for:

Note: the lenses are there for demonstration purposes but are not part of the design.

Some changes will be made; such as the side supports will be rounded to block out less of the users view, the eye holes will be joined, the nose bridge will be shaped better and more. This is a rough sketch of the design.

I've also found a supplier for the lenses that allows me to remain in budget.