Quantity   Component name
1 × MIX smartphone MIX smartphones have the front camera at the bottom, with a long flex cable going to it. Currently I'm using the VKWorld S8, which is a little more than $100. I have also the Leagoo KICAA Mix, which is $70, but haven't tested it yet.
1 × 1 or 3 watt LED Currently using a white LED and a colored marker. Going to switch to a colored (green or blue) LED and colorless marker.
1 × Reflective marker Again, needs to be colored if the flash is white (preferably at least).
1 × AR glasses frame https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/Holografische-Effecten-Smart-AR-Doos-Augmented-Reality-Bril-Helm-3D-Virtuele-Comfortabele/32951237253.html
1 × Resistor for coupling with the LED I'm using 300ohm with (I think) a 3 watt LED.