Making Circuit Runs in MDF

A project log for Multilayer Recharging 18650 Tower

A scalable multilayer charging station for 18650, and possibly even other battery types.

cyplesmacyplesma 02/18/2019 at 00:320 Comments

Well took the time today to gouge I mean route some runs for the wire to be embedded in the bottom side of the tray that will contain the battery holders and TP 4056 sub assemblies.  I've done worse when manually moving wood under a drill press.... course if I finish my CNC thing I can just use that.   8 )

In the picture showing the top side of the Charging Tray, The board at the top of the pic needs to be reworked. It has fuses and fuse solder-able fuse connectors which I was going to use to connect the wries from this board to the TP 4056s. Since I changed my mind about how I am going to run the wires and embed them in the mdf like the bottom layer of a circuit board I can remove the connectors for the ground wires and I have to move the fuses to the side of the board where the pivot hole is located. Which means a complete new layout for this board.