ATtiny85 Anniversary Alarm

An ATtiny85 powered anniversary alarm, that will play a melody at a desired date and time.

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An ATtiny85 powered anniversary alarm, that will play one of three tones at a desired date and time.

This project is based on the work of Vishnu Aiea's Birthday-Alarm, but heavily modified to deal with the ATtiny85's limitations (i.e. No Serial port, 8 KB program memory and 512 B RAM).

The hope is that this alarm will last for a similarly long time, and with the correct testing equipment I would be able to verify how long it will last on a single CR2450 coin cell battery.

I decided to make this project to celebrate my wedding anniversary, as well as my daugther's birthday.
  • 1 × ATtiny85 Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 1 × ISL1208 RTC RTC used to wake ATtiny85
  • 1 × Jumper Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 1 × Jewelry Box Decorative container with false bottom/cavity
  • 1 × 32.768 KHz Crystal Crystal required by ISL1208

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