Supercon Badge PNG to Basic

A python 3 program to convert 2x1 ratio PNGs into HaD Supercon (2018) Basic

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I installed the fork from the Python Image Library know as Pillow. I claim no ownership of any images pulled from Google in order to test the shrinking.

A work in progress python script to select an image file and make a BASIC text file that can be uploaded to the Supercon badge.

At the moment, the python script is dumb, but I want to make it better in the following ways.

1) Be able to handle image that are not a 2:1 ratio

1.5) Be able to handle more the PNG file types.

2) Show an example image of what the Supercon Badge screen will look like while it runs the basic.

3) Be more user friendly by not having the user edit the source code

4) Far off goal of potentially animating gifs onto the badge through the BASIC text.


The complicated image's output in basic, ready for uploading and testing

plain - 34.89 kB - 02/11/2019 at 00:03


The working prototype of the code

x-python - 6.33 kB - 02/11/2019 at 00:03


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    Ian Shannon Weber07/30/2019 at 22:33 0 comments

    This project is on ice until I can get back around to playing with the Hackaday Superon 2018 badge. Hopefully I can use the tools I have gathered and make some kind of development toolkit for the 2019 badge.

  • Step 1

    Ian Shannon Weber02/11/2019 at 00:29 0 comments

    Everything is posted now. Hopefully this will keep me developing this project.

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    You will need to have Pillow installed.

    This was built on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The instructions on getting this working are going to be through that lense.

    Use pip3 install Pillow to have Pillow working. Note that PIL and Pillow will not work concurrently. I am parroting that fact from the Pillow website.

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    Open the .PY file in your text editor of choice.

    Scroll down to the original_png variable and name those three variables your desired names. This will be the name of the image you want, what you'll name the output image, and what you want to name the BASIC test file.

  • 3
    Run the .PY

    I used IDLE3 as a tool for this. If anyone knows of any better tool, let me know. I do not do much with Python and this is my first bigger project with it.

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