The so called "Turing Test" involves some well known problems. In the following we won't consider that the suggested engine will pass the "Turing Test". Instead it should pass the "Winograd Schema Challenge". A WS is a small reading comprehension test involving a single binary question. This example will illustrate:

  • The trophy doesn’t fit in the brown suitcase because it’s too big. What is too big?
  • Answer 0: the trophy
    Answer 1: the suitcase

Even for non native English speakers this is easily to solve. And for an AI engine too. Obviously there is only one rule to consider for these kind of "What is too big"-"What is too small"-questions: the repository can never be too big, only the content. So the according algorithm would look as following:

  • Find the two keywords
  • Find the repository and the content
  • If the question is "What is too big", the answer is the content
  • If the question is "What is too small", the answer is the repository