First tests

A project log for Japanese Word Clock

(work in progress) Just another word clock - except it's in japanese and can show time and date!

mechatronickmechatroNick 02/28/2019 at 00:230 Comments

It's alive!

Programming has started and I've made some test sequences to get a feeling for the final look. It's kind of hard to capture the real impression because of the high contrast but here is a short video, showing:

Brightness sensor is working as well. I also have some ideas for making the appearance more diversified with different animation patterns and maybe an option for randomly toggling optional features, e.g. 12/24-hour modes.

Next thing will be setting up WiFi to get current time automatically and maybe also to be able to connect with a smarthpone for configuration... should be possible...

( no comment on that... :D )