Alpha Version of Arduino Board Manager for MINHF4 is here!!

A project log for MINHF4, An STM32F4 Arduino Compatible Board

A feather-like STM32F4 with Arduino Compatible

minh7a6minh7a6 02/15/2019 at 02:550 Comments

I am releasing the Board Manager for MINHF4. There are 2 choices, but before going both ways, you have to install STM32 Cores from ST first by using this JSON Link and put it into Preferences menu:

Then, you can install MINHF4 board by these 2 ways:

The first one is to put this JSON Link into your Preferences in Arduino and it should be in the Board Manager of Arduino IDE:

The second way is to install manually by downloading my MinhF4 Github and copy "MinhF4" folder inside "Release" folder into Hardware folder in Arduino.

Anyways, Happy Valentine!!