There are 3 modes of use:

- Default - no use of the gyroscope (button 1 - digital pin 5)
- Steering wheel - emulation of the left stick by the gyro (button 2 - digital pin 4)
- FPS - mouse movement by tilting the gyro (button 3 - digital pin 3)

The centering of the axes occurs when you press the steering wheel button or FPS.


Change the COM port number in the file "X360Advance.ini", the sensitivity of the steering wheel and the rotation of the camera if necessary.

Next you need to copy the files "xinput1_3.dll" (for 32 bit games and for 64 bit copy "xinput1_3x64.dll" and rename to "xinput1_3.dll") and "X360Advance.ini" to the game folder and run the game.

Perhaps for some games you will have to rename "xinput1_3.dll" to one of the names: "xinput1_4.dll" (Windows 8 / metro apps only), "xinput1_2.dll", "xinput1_1.dll" or "xinput9_1_0.dll

What is needed?

- Arduino Nano;
- MPU 6050 GY-521 (rotation sensor);
- 3 buttons;
- prototype board;
- cable 2m miniUSB or microUSB (depending on the arduino).
- tape Velcro;

Solder the scheme. Attach to the back of the case, for example, with rubber bands.

Flash calibration sketch, put on a flat surface, get the data for calibration. Insert calibration data into the main sketch.

Firmware and libraries can be found here.