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A project log for Christine's Blooming Rose

3D printed, heat formed, servo actuated blooming, Dotstar module lit, rose.

daren-schwenkeDaren Schwenke 03/10/2019 at 06:544 Comments

Obviously need some debounce code here, and the servo motor noise seems to be triggering touch as well.  Probably need some tinfoil.  

But hey... It's Alive!

Can you believe @Morning.Star wrote all the code for this, without *ever* having access to the hardware (as it didn't exist yet.)  I asked for 'organic', and gave him the hardware I was using.  He delivered.

Simply unbelievable.  Thank you sir.


Dr. Cockroach wrote 03/10/2019 at 09:06 point

That is hacking good impressive you two :-D

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Morning.Star wrote 03/10/2019 at 07:06 point

Damn that lights up so much more than I hoped it might, thats awesome :-D

Soon sort out the code... ;-)

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Morning.Star wrote 03/10/2019 at 08:26 point

Its beautiful, Daren. You sir are a master printer, those lightpipes are sweet. An honour to be involved, and fascinating to watch it come to life with such a flourish from the photos of parts on the printbed. :-)

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Daren Schwenke wrote 03/10/2019 at 09:00 point

*bow* *flourish* 

They are not quite good enough. There are distinct dead zones between the LEDs as I can't light all of them from the end. If you can't light an extrusion from the end with FDM, it is not a light pipe. Light does not like to cross layer boundaries.

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