Hardware tweaks.

A project log for Christine's Blooming Rose

3D printed, heat formed, servo actuated blooming, Dotstar module lit, rose.

daren-schwenkeDaren Schwenke 03/15/2019 at 10:550 Comments

Corrected some things in the model I didn't like or had to correct with a Dremel when I assembled it.

The stem got angled ends matching the Dotstar placement in the base.  The mid-stem Dotstar pockets were also made larger with a flat bottom and sides for easier cleanup and should also allow the Dotstar aiming down the stem to light it better.  FDM light pipes don't like to cross layer boundaries.

The petals got some holes for alignment and passing through the wires/fishing line.

The top of the stem got a little more depth to accommodate the wires which are bottoming out right now.

The base got extended fins to keep it upright in the vase, a slot for the Arduino to live in, better alignment for the stem Dotstars, and holes for wires.

The leaves were perfect as they were.

I'm probably not going to reprint everything as I'm pretty low on clear PLA and nylon.  

I may reprint the base as that's a mess of hot-melt glue right now..