Petal to the metal.

A project log for Christine's Blooming Rose

3D printed, heat formed, servo actuated blooming, Dotstar module lit, rose.

daren-schwenkeDaren Schwenke 03/16/2019 at 04:340 Comments

I've decided to rework the petals.. again.  

Small changes this time though.

The current Dotstar module which lights the top of the stem is slung below and moves with the petal assembly.

This means I need to drill holes in it to pass the fishing line which drives the closure through, solder below the petals, and consume half of the retract space.

I'm moving it.

It's now going to live inside the rose, shining through a hole in the center of the petal assembly.

Also made the petals and hub slightly thicker, extended the hinge so the bending radius is larger (more spring) and instead of a single size, I'm printing 5 with slightly different diameters.  They should mesh better this way.

We will see.

Reprinting... everything.  

It will give me a chance to do a good assembly video too.