LoRa 2.4 Ghz for drone telemetry

LoRa 2.4Ghz module used in full duplex mode, sending/receiving MavLink telemetry data

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On this demo video, I used 2 Stm32 Nucleo dev board and Lychee drone computer.
Lychee gets MavLink telemetry data from the flight controller and send through USB and sends to the stm32 board. Software written inside stm32 sends data in full-duplex mode by using LoRa 2.4Ghz module and sends to another module which is connected to the PC.

  • PCB design for LoRa module

    Akio Sato02/17/2019 at 10:42 0 comments

    I have designed a samll PCB for LoRa with STM32 chip to make a small easy to use on projects Radio module.  I have added micro USB, UART ports for communication and added some LED indicators to show the strength of signal.

    Tests are goming soon)

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