PCB interconnects

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A design for a non-microcontroller / non-digital logic Conway's Game of Life cellular automata simulator

matsengmatseng 02/14/2019 at 17:110 Comments

Since I want to make it fully modular I need to have each PCB (pixel) both send its state to all eight neighbors as well as receive the neighbors states.

I gave this problem statement, together with a strict rule of  "don't cross the streams (wires)", to my wife and she came up with something looking like this:

Initial interconnect plan
Initial interconnect plan

Not bad at all actually.  But after looking at it for a while I realized it could be improved slightly by removing a redundant connection in the pass-troughs.

Improved interconnect scheme
Improved interconnect scheme

This could also be slightly improved by switching the horizontal interconnects to reduce the trace length on the PCB a bit.

I also need to add PWR and GND between all PCBs, but there's enough space for that at the left/right edge.