Developing a GUI

A project log for Open FFBoard

A modular and open source force feedback interface and motor driver for DIY wheels and controllers

Yannick (Gigawipf)Yannick (Gigawipf) 03/27/2020 at 11:151 Comment

The setup procedure via command line can be confusing and error prone.
Therefore a graphical interface should help with the setup and tuning of parameters.

I chose python with Qt as this allows rapid development of a nice interface for changing main classes or setting up the motor driver.

This is a very early version and later the most common setups might be done via a simplified wizard to reduce problems.
The DFU mode allows to flash new firmwares without a debugger. Remember to do a full erase if problems occur as sometimes the ST programming tool does not erase the correct sectors...
Later the DFU programmer will hopefully be integrated as well.

The GUI can be found on Github (Ultrawipf/OpenFFBoard-configurator).


Benjamin wrote 03/29/2020 at 07:54 point

Fantastic! The option to remove unused axis, rather than having them sit idle, is appreciated.

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