Update 4: VESC, ODrive support & new command system + HID

A project log for Open FFBoard

A modular and open source force feedback interface and motor driver for DIY wheels and controllers

Yannick (Gigawipf)Yannick (Gigawipf) 01/13/2022 at 14:170 Comments

ODrive and VESC based motor drivers can be used via the CAN bus now.

Those drivers need to be configured manually for torque mode as the FFBoard will just be sending torque values and reading the encoder positions from the drivers.

The old command system did not really fit into the current modular class structure after the introduction of FreeRTOS previously so it was completely reworked into a system with a modified syntax.

Each command and class has a string name and also an integer ID allowing readable terminal commands and transmission of strings from the firmware to report back lists of enabled features and names but also almost full control via HID which does not support strings.

The new command list is available in the github wiki.

The changes in the configurator also make it more stable and responsive.

HID can be used in the FFBWheel mode with third party applications to change settings automatically. For example changing the steering wheel angle or intensity scaler based on the currently driven car. (Example implementation submitted for AC content manager).