I made a cat repellant device to keep them away from places they shouldn't go, it worked (kinda)

A project log for TV-B-On(the box)

The thing you need when your TV remote power button fails.

mcunerdmcu_nerd 02/13/2023 at 23:080 Comments

I plan to do a separate project page for the alarm device. Since I did use the TV-B-On to trigger it, I figured I would post a test of it here.  I saw a cat (who I'm good friends with) in the garden, a place she shouldn't be. I placed the alarm device near to her. the results:

She was far more curious about it vs. being afraid of it. So much so, that she came out of the fenced in garden area to check it out. The root reason I made the alarm was to scare away a cat (not the one in the video above) that likes to sit under the bird feeder and tries to catch birds.