Sonic Measure. Arduino compatible

Sonic Measure, using U1 (Arduino compatible)

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You can change from CM to IN, from the program. This is a very simple project to implement with U1.

You can always make it more hard! On U1 there is a clock and an SD card, so you can use them to make a distance logger.

One other idea is to use the ESP8266 plug on U1 (WIFI module), and you get an email alarm if the distance is changing, or to log the distance on thinkspeak.

Ultrasonic withInviot U1 running


The pins in this example is as the pictures. Please not on the pins that I switch pin 7 High and pin 4 Low to power the ultrasonic sensor

x-arduino - 1.27 kB - 10/16/2016 at 20:37


  • 1 × ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 × U1 a board of U1. In this example I am using only the display, buzzer and rgb led. Consider using the ESP8266

  • 1
    Step 1

    Connect ultrasonic, upload sketch

    To make things simple to connect, in the sketch I use D4 as a 5v and D7 as ground.

    That way you can connect the ultrasonic module direct to the U1. You can use wires or get the power from the power plug, but this makes it easier.

    The sketch will be included in the Examples/InvIoT_U1/applications/Ultasonic ,

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