pcb arrived

A project log for Recycled VFD Clock

An old vfd display driven by an arduino nano into a simple clock

bugbug 03/07/2019 at 18:400 Comments

The pcb finally arrived, built up the board only to find I had made a mistake with the pinout of the realtime clock module. I had used a different footprint on the pcb to that used on the schematic as it was different to the one I had, I renumbered the pins but forgot to do the same on the other part. Easily fixed by removing the module, using the pinout on the other side of the module and flipping it around. A little filing of the edge so that it fits next to the voltage regulator and it's up an running.

Just need to adjust the voltages to the vfd a little to remove what looks to be a some brightness on a couple of adjacent segments.

I haven't decided on a case, probably just design up a simple box and 3d print one.