Decal mockups

A project log for Tiny Treble Booster

A teeny tiny treble booster guitar pedal, made with love and SMD technology.

Ben HolmesBen Holmes 04/28/2019 at 14:240 Comments

I've just finished making the decals for the top of the pedals. I'm super happy with the overall design (below) but getting them on to the enclosures is going to be harder than anticipated. My printer or its ink is rubbish, leaving patterns across the design that look crap. 

I would put the original documents for the decals on hackaday but since they use copyright material that wouldn't be right. I'm using the artwork for 1 off, personal designs so I hope that's covered under fair use.

Also for the next iteration I'll need to mark the drill holes and get better at cutting the material. One step closer though.