Faraday fail 2

A project log for Yet Another Doppler Direction Finder w/ Teensy DSP

An update on WA2EBY's May/June 1999 QST Homebrew DDF/Radio Direction Finder

MartinMartin 03/01/2019 at 01:040 Comments

Out of curiosity, I went online and bought the nicest galvanized steel box that $12 would buy.  I'm not sure what gauge steel but it feels very sturdy.  Almost armchair copy - albeit sounds a little muffled with the lid closed .  I guess more cowbells isolation = nicer, thicker copper box - I see the dollars flying away if I were serious.  I have found a solution: an Altoids tin!  By removing the transmitter rubber ducky, installing a dummy load a placing it in a an Altoids can I can knock the signal down low enough so the "external RF in the Baofeng is solved" when it's in it's box.