Breadboarding braiNIAC ROM

A project log for braiNIAC

A homebrew 7400 series brainf*ck computer.

Curtis BucherCurtis Bucher 03/17/2019 at 02:010 Comments

After the completion of the IC level design, I could begin breadboarding. I began with the ROM module, which includes the 32k ROM chip and 4 4 bit counters to increment the address. You can view my designs from the last two logs, but I essentially just connected all the ICs to power and ground, wired up all the counter inputs to zero, chained them together through their clock lines, and connected all their data lines to the address pins of the ROM chip. I then connected ROM data lines and clock / reset lines from the counters to a female pin header on the breadboard for a simple user interface.