• Airbrake Mechanism Update

    Michael Cuthbertson06/21/2019 at 13:35 0 comments

    I finally decided to go with an Iris diaphragm mechanism for the airbrake itself. Something that would be compact and still maximize the braking area while only using one servo, without any real strain being placed on that servo. The first printed version works ish. One of the fins doesn't close all the way because of an alignment issue, but for version one it works.

  • PCB Update

    Michael Cuthbertson06/21/2019 at 13:31 0 comments

    Basically I forgot I even had an account here until I got an email. The PCB has been redesigned about 25 times. Finally got a one sided design I'm happy with. The PCB has been milled and drilled, all of the components soldered. Everything works as intended. There will eventually be a video on the milling and drilling of the PCB, but may be a week or two.

  • PCB Design Finished

    Michael Cuthbertson03/03/2019 at 06:11 0 comments

    Just finished the design for the PCB, parts are on their way, should be able to assemble the board in the next week or two.

  • E-Bay mounts printed

    Michael Cuthbertson02/20/2019 at 03:22 0 comments

    Got all the component mounts printed yesterday, need to go buy some threaded rods to put them together. Got everything wired up and hot-glued in place, ready for programming.