Ariel Flight Control System

A system designed to actively control a rocket's altitude precisely and accurately. For use in Team America Rocketry Challenge.

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Using an Arduino Nano, an altimeter, an MPU-6050, and three servos, I attempt to actively control the altitude of a rocket. Eventual goals are: To be able to input a new desired altitude, and be able to achieve an altitude within 5-10 feet, potentially closer with fine tuned adjustments pre-flight. E-Bay stl files:MPU6050 and Arduino Nano:

This project has moved to my new account under The project scope has changed slightly, for use in high power rocketry instead of low-power.

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  • 1 × Arduino Nano
  • 1 × MPU 6050
  • 1 × BMP280 Sensors / Pressure, Force
  • 4 × 9g Servos
  • 1 × Battery Evaluation, Demonstration Kits, Boards and Modules / Evaluation Kits, Boards and Modules

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