• Pebble API 3.x

    jason.gullickson01/05/2016 at 14:08 0 comments

    I started working on upgrading Octowatch to be compatible with Pebble API 3.x as well as the new round watches and I've got my work cut out for me. I'm very excited about the idea but I think it's going to be a considerable re-write, so it's probably not something I'm going to complete quickly.

    The upside is that I want to incorporate a number of improvements that would have been hard to retrofit, so the next version should be considerably better. I want to add support for multiple printers, more feedback and timeline integration, to name a few.

    If you've used Octowatch and have some features you'd like to see in the new version please pass them along.

  • Next Rev

    jason.gullickson12/18/2015 at 14:56 0 comments

    Pebble updating the firmware on the "classic" watches has me thinking about how to add timeline integration to Octowatch. That plus a couple of bugs/annoyances have me considering working on a new version.

    I'm hoping to have a little time during the winter doldrums to work on that. Also if you have ideas or would like to contribute (especially on the design-side) pull requests are welcome :)

  • 2.0

    jason.gullickson12/25/2014 at 22:01 0 comments

    Got a nice mention in Make Magazine which supplied enough motivation to add updated Octoprint API support and basic printer control!

    Now you can pause or cancel an in-progress print, and if you have a model loaded in Octoprint you can start printing it right from your watch. This is of particular coolness when you're printing the same thing repeatedly for demos, etc. as you can pop the finished print off the bed and then start another copy right from your wrist.