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An experiment in group machine intellegence (Or lack thereof...)

Greg DaneauGreg Daneau 07/28/2014 at 03:170 Comments

Just a quick update on this week's progress. Johnny and Frankie are both doing quite well now, although some other minor projects around the hackerspace took up some of Greg's time, and the rest of the team was in Detroit for Maker Fair. Still, Johnny had his edge sensor retrofit and now looks just like his brother. The new configuration seems to be working well, and we think this may be close to the final form that the 'bots will take.

Work on the long delayed optical sensors has actually begun. The acrylic was cut to size, and formed into shape after a quick session in the kitchen's toaster oven (No, Arturo, we didn't leave any toxic byproducts in the oven. We're fairly sure, anyway...). The holes for the light and IR sensors can now be drilled and the wiring run to the Ardweeny controller in the coming week. We'll be posting pics when our 'bots have their eyes. After all, they deserve to see them first, when they finally can.